The Nomad Experience

Example of a national park app interaction model


When did creating something simple have to be so... complicated? We don’t know either. But we do know it doesn’t have to be.

That’s why we developed a modular framework for creating mobile apps and websites that work on any device. Our work is compatible with both iOS and Android devices - even Kindle too.

Nomad's launch at APPL in 2010

Company History

We formed Nomad Mobile Guides as a spinout from interactive design firm NewCity in March 2010. We started out creating apps for national parks using a flexible template. But we were just getting started. As we worked with more organizations we realized we needed greater flexibility than a single template provided. So we re-built our app framework from the bottom up, using interconnecting modules that can be combined and customized to create any sort of app or website.

Our framework now powers a growing series of apps. From U.S. national parks, to destination marketing organizations, museums, travel publishers and public transit.

We now offer full custom development for any sort of mobile application or website. We still use the modular Nomad platform as a foundation, but we're capable of so much more.

Nomad is led by

  • David Poteet

    David has been working with the Internet and interactive media, particularly in the realm of user experience, since 1993. As President, David develops partner relationships and oversees product strategy.

  • Colin Grant
    Managing Director

    Colin has more than 20 years leading innovative product development organizations. He's passionate about delivering quality products, providing unsurpassable customer support, building long-term business relationships and having fun while doing so. Colin handles the day-to-day running of the company. And when all else fails, he's the person to call. The buck stops at his desk.

Other Nomads

  • Josh Eckstein
    Sr. iOS Engineer

    Josh leads Nomad's iOS development and cloud API architecture. Josh began his work with Nomad in 2011 as we developed the first version of the Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder app for American Park Network. His recent projects include the American Battle Monuments Commission apps and Blacksburg Transit.

  • Melissa Beaver
    User Experience Architect

    Melissa was the lead user experience architect for Nomad’s standard national parks app interface. She helps keep things rolling at a steady pace, which is exactly what you'd expect from an ultra-runner.

  • Brian Maddox
    Creative Director

    Brian directs all creative for Nomad and was directly responsible for the creation of the brand identity.

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