Yellowstone Falls Rainbow

Yellowstone Falls, Photo by David Poteet

Yellowstone National Park - The Official Guide

Ranger Orville's Tour of Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone AppThe Yellowstone Association has partnered with Nomad Mobile Guides to make its Touring Yellowstone guidebook available as a mobile app, along with essential information from the NPS website for Yellowstone.

Free Yellowstone Visitor Guide

Android coming Spring 2013!

Includes all of the essential information you need to know to plan your trip to Yellowstone, or experience the park without leaving the house.

No cell signal? No problem. Everything is accessible without a cell signal for use within the park – even the maps.


  • Favorite destinations, and activities available in each place
  • Guided video tour of the Upper Geyser Basin
  • 15 Favorite walks and hikes in the park
  • Stunning photos
  • A park map that includes all of the roads and many trails in the park.
  • Locations of services within the park such as visitor centers, restrooms and concessions.
  • Safety guidelines, and tips – including wildlife viewing information, directions and safety, and much more.
  • Complete guide to lodging, dining and shopping in Yellowstone
  • Complete list of campgrounds and amenities for car/RV camping in the park

Visit the in-app store to upgrade to the full version, including:

  1. Touring Yellowstone - section by section guides to the 5 entrance roads and the 8 sections of the Grand Loop, connecting major attractions like Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Each point of interest is identified by location, so you can follow along on the map as you go. 
  2. Favorite Walks & Hikes - 38 Hikes and 12 self-guiding trails around Yellowstone, ranging from easy to difficult. Most are accessible from the main roads. 
  3. History & Geology - Learn about the natural and human history of Yellowstone. See how the Yellowstone Caldera formed, and identify the different types of thermal features in the park. Trace human history from indigenous peoples to the exploration of the 1800s and the formation of America's first national park. 
  4. Yellowstone Field Guide - Identify and learn about Yellowstone's wide variety of birds, plants and mammals.

Proceeds go to benefit Yellowstone National Park!

Download Free for iPhone

Yellowstone Association

The nonprofit Yellowstone Association educates Yellowstone National Park visitors by offering trip planners, books, videos, and guided classes through Yellowstone Park by our field institute. The Yellowstone Association is located in Yellowstone National Park and promotes preservation of Yellowstone National Park through its educational Park Store bookstores, publication of books, and funding provided to Yellowstone through membership and sales of educational materials to park visitors. Since 1933, the Yellowstone Association has been the National Park Service’s official partner in education in Yellowstone National Park.


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