Nomad develops apps using a modular and extensible framework. Both our packaged solutions and our custom apps are built on this framework. The Nomad framework offers:

  • Well-engineered modular approach provides a consistent way to assemble, customize and extend high quality apps.
  • Existing modules can be customized, or new modules created, to create a completely custom experience.
  • Apps are fully native on iOS and Android, ensuring fast performance and full access to device features like the camera, GPS, accelerometer or microphone.
  • Apps screens are “responsive” for various device sizes. We can build iPad and iPhone-optimized screens into one app. Users can move between devices without having to install two different app versions.
  • All back-end code for database access, business logic and content preparation are written in a language called C. It runs natively on iOS and Android, and can be shared across platforms without a rewrite – saving cost and improving quality.
  • Front end code for all of the screens users interact with are written in the native languages of each platform – either Objective C for iOS or Java for Android. We can also mix in HTML5 where appropriate.
  • Common app features are available through our existing app modules, including:
    • Offline content and maps
    • Driving directions
    • “Near me” functionality
    • Guided walking or driving tours
    • Slide shows
    • Business directories
  • We include our own map engine for Kindle Fire tablets, which don’t come with Google Maps built-in.
  • Content and interface elements can be updated without pushing the update to app stores.
  • You can download and store all content on your device. Or, you can download text-only files, while larger files stream across the Internet.
  • We build multilingual support into every module, so content and interface elements can be localized.
Nomad Technical Architecture