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Blue Ridge Parkway Travel Planner

March 18, 2015
Blue Ridge Parkway Association

The Blue Ridge Parkway Association is the official marketing partner of the Blue Ridge Parkway. They manage a tourism website for the Parkway, publish a printed travel planner, and answer questions about the Parkway from visitors. The website and printed guide provide mile by mile information on points of interest and activities along the Parkway, while also highlighting nearby lodging, dining and attractions.

In 2011 they recognized the need for a mobile app that travelers could take along, giving access to helpful location-aware content and maps even when a cell signal is unavailable – which is the case for a lot of the 469 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway! The app can also be updated multiple times per year compared to the single annual print run.

This was a significant undertaking for the BRPA that had to be integrated with their existing workload and limited staff. We worked with the BRPA to develop the content plan for the complete mobile presence and provided consultancy support as they transitioned from a print-centric publishing mindset to a digital mobile solution. We developed an automated feed into their third party business members management system to reduce their workload and to ensure that every new release contains all current business members.