Nomad Mobile Guides | Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

March 18, 2015
Great Smoky Mountains Association

“Best Multi Media Project” – 2011 Media and Partnerships Award:  Association of Partners of Public Lands

Nomad partnered with the Great Smoky Mountains Association (GSMA) to create the first official NPS-endorsed mobile app in 2010. The Smokies app served as the model for the original version of the Nomad framework, which has since evolved and expanded to drive our other location-based apps.

Together we identified key visitor goals and determined how these could work in conjunction with GSMA’s mission. GSMA publishes a wide range of books on the Smokies at prices ranging from $1 to $20 or more. We didn’t want to undervalue these publications and yet we needed to work within the expectations people have for app costs. GSMA chose to offer a free version of the app with the sort of essential park information found on the NPS website, and then a paid version that includes a bundle of some of GSMA’s most popular publications. The Smokies app uses an in-app purchasing  system to enable visitors to start with the free version and add on content for topics of interest.

The app has been highly rated and visitor feedback overwhelmingly positive. Downloads and usage of the Great Smokies app continue to grow steadily each year.