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The Official Guide to Yellowstone National Park

May 28, 2015

The Yellowstone Association is the official non-profit partner of Yellowstone National Park. YA operates the park bookstores, runs educational programs and supports a variety of programs for the park. They publish several books about Yellowstone, and we used their book Yellowstone: The Official Guide To Touring America’s First National Park as the basis for their mobile app. We developed the app as a full-service project, handling design, content architecture and content preparation.

We created a free version including essential information about Yellowstone National Park from the NPS website and a 17-stop guided video tour of the Upper Geyser Basin with Ranger Orville Bach. We converted the video tour from a podcast that had previously been created for the Yellowstone website.

For the full version of the Yellowstone app, we edited the Yellowstone Association’s guidebook, organizing it for mobile use and adding GPS locations for all content.

The app includes a scalable version of the NPS map for Yellowstone that works without a cell signal.

“Nice app with beautiful photos and over 17 video tours with Ranger Orville. Ranger Orville was our guide 13 years ago when we visited Yellowstone. He is quick and to the point. He’s very descriptive for kids to understand and enjoy. Nice maps, photos, hiking trails, lodging and food info. I’ve only just begun this, too. Again, great app. Thanks!” – redengold

“Had 90% of our 2 day trip to Yellowstone navigated via this app to all top spots. Really good since there is only patchy AT&T reception there and its offline maps with car location helped a lot. Plus, map is really detailed with tracking paths and information to read about all top spots.” – MujtabaChohan

“…as someone who was reviewing what the park has to offer from home, this is an amazing tool to see what Yellowstone is like. I would be excited to use the app on an actual trip through Yellowstone.” – Ayizan13