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Volusia County Parks and Trails App

June 27, 2019
Volusia County Florida

Volusia County, Florida selected Nomad in 2014 to develop a new iOS and Android app to help residents and visitors enjoy the myriad of parks, greenways, hiking trails and waterways in the county. The Volusia County app includes these features:

  • Guidebooks
  • Content Index
  • Offline Map
  • Trail Profile
  • Trail Map Overlay
  • Favorites
  • Near Me Now

All of the design customization work was done within our available screen  templates, which helped minimize costs for the County.

The biggest technical challenge was integrating the county’s GIS-based trail information into the app. The trails were set up as individual segments in the GIS system on one combined layer, so we had to determine how best to separate out complete trails so the user could focus only on the trail of interest, or combine trails for a longer route.