Custom Mobile App Development with Nomad

Nomad offers custom development for native iOS and Android apps as well as mobile web apps. We use the same methods and expertise developed for our modular travel app framework, and we can leverage existing functionality where it makes sense. Custom mobile development can be very expensive, due to the need to support so many devices and operating systems. For that reason it’s better to use proven tools and components whenever you can.

If this is your first foray into custom software development, it can be quite intimidating. We try to make the process as transparent as we can, and we never push you into doing something if you’re not ready. If we don’t think it makes sense for you to build a custom app, we’ll tell you that too.

Planning Your App

You may have a concrete idea of the app you want to build, or you may have a broad concept without a defined blueprint. In either case we start with a discovery workshop to understand the overall experience you want to deliver. During this workshop we:

  • Develop initial personas describing target app users
  • Create user stories describing when and why people will use the app. It’s particularly important to understand the context of use – most apps are used while doing something else.
  • Identify tasks or activities the app needs to support at each stage.
  • Explore the business model behind your app – how will it support your company or organization’s goals?

Based on our understanding of your goals and your app concept, we’ll suggest the best approach to planning, prototyping and building your app.

Simple is Hard

A good mobile app needs to be simple and focused. You shouldn’t have to study it to learn how to use it. But “simple” is easy to say, and hard to do. We can take you through this process to clarify your app concept and focus on the essential ingredients of a successful version 1.0 followed by ongoing enhancements based on market response.

Research & Prototyping

Depending on how unique your concept is, we may suggest conducting audience research and developing low-tech prototypes that help us test and validate your ideas before investing in development.

Design & Development

Once the app concept is clarified, a user experience architect, designer and 1-2 developers will work with you following an “agile” methodology to create your app in a series of 2-week sprints.

Custom app projects typically take between 4 and 9 months.

Learn more about Agile Software Development:

Project Management

You will have access to the full team, but the project is overseen by a project manager who keeps everyone in the loop and on track as we move toward completion.

Getting to the core of the TrailLink app experience

TrailLink Flow Diagram

TrailLink screen flow diagram

TrailLink Wireframes

TrailLink wireframes