The Nomad Modular Framework

The key to Nomad’s approach to mobile apps is the separation of content generation from presentation.

Every screen you touch has a front-end module matched to a back-end module. The back-end module assembles the content needed for a screen and handles any database interaction, while the front-end module presents the content with your look and feel and handles all user interactions.

Each module connects to the others in a consistent way, like toy building blocks.  This allows for easy rearrangement and replacement.  An app can use one of Nomad’s existing modules, or we’ll develop something custom for you to integrate into the framework.

  • The Nomad framework supports both native apps and mobile-optimized websites.
  • Nomad apps are written in the native languages for iOS and Android, with unrestricted access to device APIs. We don’t use intermediate tools like Appcelerator Sencha Touch to generate apps.
  • The back-end part of each module is written in C, which runs natively on iOS and Android without modification.

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