The Nomad Modular Framework

The Nomad Mobile Guides framework is developed in React Native, the open source mobile app framework begun by Facebook. Map interfaces are built with MapBox.

The look and feel of each app is coded separately from the functionality, so we can style the app to match any organization’s brand.

React also makes it easy to use our existing framework as a starting point and customize an app for your particular requirements.

  • Nomad app content is managed on the back end through a WordPress content management system (CMS). Updates can be made to content and pushed out to apps without having to publish a new version of the app.
  • Most app content is stored locally on the device for speed and offline access. You may choose to have some images only show when an internet connection is available, to keep the app size small.
  • You can allow users to download the map for offline use.
  • Many Nomad apps incorporate content from an external source such as a database or GIS system. For these apps we set up custom import and synchronization scripts to keep content current.

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