Nomad Parks & Trails Package

The Nomad Parks & Trails Package is designed for national, state or municipal park organizations who want to help visitors plan and enjoy their time outdoors. You can re-purpose existing guidebooks, brochures, media and maps – or you can create original content for your app. Everything is managed through an easy web-based content management system (CMS).

View an example flow chart of an app built with our Parks & Trails Package.


Organize your content into Guides, Sections, Subsections and Content Items. Create alternate structures using the same content without increasing app size.

Category Index

Find any content in the app by category index, like Things to Do > Fishing or Services > Restroom. Every Content Item in the app can be tagged with multiple categories.

Filtered Search

Find items in a category that match certain features, like Beaches that allow campfires and dogs.

Offline Maps

Embed custom maps in your app that work offline.

Self-Guided Tours

Create self-guided walking or driving tours with text, images, audio or video.

Trail Map Overlay

Overlay the path of a trail on your map, with trailheads and waypoints. Import trail data from your Geographic Information System (GIS).

Near Me Now

Find any content any the app within a certain radius of your current location.


Save any content to Favorites list, to create a custom trip plan.

Share to Social Media

Share any app content to your favorite social media channels.

Photo Galleries

View all of the photos in any section of the app in a gallery view.


Link to turn-by-turn directions to any location in the app.

Multiple Languages

Let visitors select their preferred language. Translation is not automatic, you have to supply the translations for content and buttons.